Over Dr Lafeber

Ted-w-macaw-sm-300x292Today Dr. Ted Lafeber, III (right), is the president and CEO of Lafeber Company. Dr. Lafeber’s dedication to avian health and nutrition began at a very early age. At age 9, he accompanied his father, Dr. T.J. Lafeber to his animal hospital to clean cages every Sunday. A few years later, at age 13, he learned how to run the bird pellet machine in the back of  Niles Animal Hospital, where his father created the first formulated bird food.

Dr. Lafeber went on to earn his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University, the same school where his father received his veterinary degree 39 years earlier. After Dr. Lafeber received his doctorate in 1998, he and his father became business partners.

In 1989, the father-son veterinary team developed Nutri-Berries, which were designed to provide the nutritional balance of pellets, the taste appeal of seeds and the foraging enrichment experience that is found in the wild. Nutri-Berries continue to be a great success many years later. Since the passing of Dr. Lafeber Sr. in 2001, Dr. Lafeber has maintained the tradition of high quality products combined with product innovation.

  • In 2004, Dr. Lafeber received the prestigious Outstanding Service Award from the Association of Avian Veterinarians in recognition of his commitment to the well being of birds.
  • In 2007, Dr. Lafeber received the prestigious President’s Award from the Association of Avian Veterinarians in recognition of continued dedication to the health and welfare of the avian population.